Thursday, October 6, 2016

Watch out for Pedestrians

Dufferin County, ON (OPP - Dufferin Detachment) Officers with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Dufferin Detachment to urge drivers to slow down and to watch for school buses and Pedestrian traffic.

Dufferin OPP would like to take this time to remind drivers to pay close attention when meeting or following a school bus. Drivers in both directions must stop when approaching a stopped school bus with its stop arm extended and red lights activated and cannot start moving until the red lights have stopped flashing and the arm has been retracted and the bus has started to move.

Patience on the part of drivers particularly in built up areas there is significant pedestrian traffic from young children going to school and adults walking to and from their place of employment.

Over the next month Officers from Dufferin OPP will be paying extra attention to the pedestrian traffic areas within the County of Dufferin. They will be monitoring both pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the school zone areas and enforcing traffic laws.