Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Canada Day long weekend results in 4 deaths on OPP patrolled roads, trails and waterways

(Dufferin County, ON) It has been a deadly weekend for some Ontario families during this Canada Day weekend. A total of 4 people died on the roads, trails and waterways patrolled by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis is saddened by the loss of lives. "Although our officers did an excellent job of enforcement over the weekend, we cannot stop the senseless deaths that in some cases might have been preventable. Increased visibility and our focus on the four key areas of aggressive driving, distracted driving, drinking and driving and seatbelts does work, but unfortunately these tragedies continue to happen."

The OPP Aircraft Enforcement Program plays an important role to crack down on irresponsible drivers and was used all weekend to assist OPP officers on the roadways.

Deputy Commissioner Larry Beechey, responsible for OPP Traffic Safety programs says "All operators are responsible for their actions, not just on the highways, but on waterways and trails as well."

On OPP patrolled roads the OPP laid 8,763 charges for various traffic related offences, including 5,062 speeding, 63 stunt driving charges, 461 seatbelt charges and 122 impaired driving charges.

On OPP patrolled waterways, officers spent 1135 hours on the water and laid 135 Small Vessel Regulation charges. There were no marine related deaths.

On OPP patrolled trails officers spent 144.5 hours on the trails and laid 26 charges under the Off Road Vehicle Act. There was 1 off road vehicle fatality.