Thursday, June 28, 2012

OPP ATV Patrol in Waldemar

(Amaranth,ON.)- Ontario Provincial Police Dufferin Detachment officers will conduct All Terrain Vehicle Patrols(ATV) on the Upper Grand Trailway in Hamlet of Waldemar within the Township of Amaranth. These patrols will take place on the July Long Weekend, specifically the June 30,2012.

This Trailway stretches from the Hamlet of Waldemar to the East/West Luther town line on the old abandoned CP rail line which is about 10.5km in length.

These patrols are being specifically requested by Upper Grand Trailways Officials in response to mischief and noise complaints.

OPP Dufferin Detachment members in conjunction with the Upper Grand Trailway Officials will conduct a high intensity enforcement and education initiative at this location specifically on June 30,2012. Police will concentrate on enforcement on prohibited use of the trailway, mischief to property, and impaired driving.