Monday, September 26, 2016

Impaired Driving "CONSEQUENCES" Released For Air

Toronto, ON (CNW) arrive alive DRIVE SOBER® has partnered with York Regional Police on a new Public Service Announcement titled "Consequences". In the past year, we have witnessed some particularly tragic impaired driving fatalities on our roads. The families affected include the Neville-Lakes inVaughan who lost their three children and the children's grandfather; the Van De Vorsts in Saskatoon where both parents and their two children were struck and killed by an impaired driver; and the Christidis family whose daughter was struck and killed by an impaired driver at Western University – Mr. Christidis suffered a heart attack and died only eight months later. And sadly, there are more.

These stories generated discussion suggesting that our penalties are not tough enough, yet consequences for impaired driving have grown in severity for years with harsher administrative consequences for drivers with BACs from .05 to .08, immediate vehicle impoundment when drivers are charged, zero BACs for novice and young drivers, authority for police to make a demand for drivers to complete SFSTs/DREs and more, with more changes coming.

In 30 seconds, "Consequences" depicts only a few of the penalties for impaired drivers including licence suspension, fines, fees, criminal record, vehicle impoundment, and in a worst case scenario – loss of life. Additional penalties for impaired drivers include increased insurance premiums, ignition interlock condition, remedial measures programs, and possible legal representation costs and relocation/job loss. Total costs typically exceed $22,500.

"We are proud of our strong partnership with arrive alive and were pleased to participate in this video reminding motorists about the dire consequences of impaired driving," said York Regional Police Chief Eric Jolliffe. "We once again urge all drivers not to drink or use drugs if planning to get behind the wheel. We all have a responsibility in making our roads safer."

Community groups, advocates and police want the public to be know that the penalties are significant. "You won't like them" said arrive alive DRIVE SOBER Executive Director Anne Leonard, "it's better for all drivers and for other road users to plan ahead and driver sober".

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