Thursday, May 5, 2016

OPP Will Focus on BIG 4 This Month

(Dufferin County, ON) –During the month of May 2016, Dufferin OPP officers will be paying particular attention to Distracted Driving, which is one of the “Big 4” causal factors of motor vehicle collisions and injuries sustained from collisions. The “Big 4” offences include: Impaired Driving, Speeding, Distracted Driving, and Failing to use Seatbelts.

Drivers who engage in Distracted Driving and other high risk behaviours endanger their lives, and the lives and safety of all motorists. Promoting and ensuring road safety is a top priority for the OPP, and drivers who fail to abide by the law will be the focus of an active OPP presence on Dufferin County roadways.

Remember, if you are driving put the phone down, it is not just the law; it can also save your life or the life of someone else.

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