Thursday, April 7, 2016

Community Column by Don Butt (April 2016)

Town of Mono, ON (Don Butt) One thing I have neglected to mention that is very important. If you happen to see this is that if you are passed by a vehicle or pass one that has a flashing green light on the dashboard, give them respect as an emergency vehicle, as these are volunteer firefighters on an emergency call. These people volunteer their time and energy to serve on your local fire dept. and we all know how important they are.

Sometime in late spring, we will be joining with Headwaters Community Action Club to put on a bicycle safety day. All you riders watch this website and local papers for the details as we are in early stages of organization now. While we are on the subject of bikes, if you check the highway traffic act, you will find that bicycles are subject to most of the same laws as a motor vehicle! Most of the riders I see do not appear to be aware of that. Please be aware!

An item which we checked very closely when I worked with Safe Community concerns following tractor trailers. I have been told that some car drivers like to tuck in closely behind a tractor trailer because they believe this saves fuel. Don’t do it!! First of all, and we measured this, the driver can’t see you unless you are back at least 77 1/2 feet.

secondly, if you look closely, there are two round objects on the rear axle of the truck. These are part of the air brake system and if you should run into them, the resulting explosion of compressed air could blow out your radiator. You have been warned !

Now that winter appears to be over (?) we need to adjust our driving pattern to the existing conditions. This happens twice  a year, in the spring and in the fall. This doesn’t mean speeding up because there is no snow or ice on the road, once  again you drive according to conditions. With spring rains now it is prudent to slow down and be aware of the danger of skidding when slowing down abruptly or stopping suddenly. If your car has ABS brakes (and all the top experts recommend them) you will find that this is easier and much safer. Also, with nicer weather, watch for many more pedestrians to be out. Safe driving to all!

Safety Tip
Cover brake when in doubt for improved reaction time. (this tip comes to you from Doug Annett and the Skid Control School at Oakville, Ont.)

Phone Nos. (a list of valuable numbers to have)
For all emergencies – 911
To report non-emergency incidents or bad drivers 1-800-310-1122
Or by cell phone only *677

Road Watch
To report unsafe driving behaviour contact OPP Communications Centre:
*OPP (*677) on your Cell or
1-888-310-1122 on your Landline.
If you prefer a paper form, our forms are available at Mono Plaza and OPP at Primrose. Please use them, the life you may save could be your own or a loved one.

Don Butt is currently the Public Relations and Media Contact for the Mono Community Policing Committee. If you would like more information on anything covered in Don’s Column or would like to see a topic of public interest or safety covered; post a comment below.