Thursday, January 9, 2014

Community Column by Don Butt (Jan. 2014)

(Town of Mono, ON) This time I would like to talk about winter driving. In this part of the country that we live in, as with many others, winter driving is a whole different experience than summer time. Keeping your car clear of ice and snow and having proper tires and equipment in the car – ice scrapers, snow brushes, a shovel, winter windshield washer fluid (buy the lowest rated fluid you can get). Are only some of the things that you may need. As for driving, this is a whole new experience. Snow and ice to contend with, slippery conditions, etc.

The extra care needed in winter driving is very important. Generally speaking, we should drive slower and adjust to weather and road conditions. Even bare pavement may not be stable because of the invisible "black ice" which can occur at certain temperatures and  humidity conditions. For long runs, check weather reports and road reports ahead of time. Better to be prepared. Approach bridges and overpasses with care as these often ice up in cold weather. Keep a longer distance between you and the next car and adjust more if conditions  deteriorate. Allow more space for stopping as well and signal your intentions well ahead. Do not tailgate (in any weather) and avoid being caught in a long line of vehicles.

Watch the weather reports, drive according to conditions, and be safe!

Safety Tip
Keep a 3-second following distance. (This tip is brought to you by Doug Annett and the Skid Control School at Oakville, Ont.

Phone Nos. – (a list of valuable numbers to have)
For all emergencies - 911
To report non emergency incidents or bad drivers -1-800-310-1122
Or by cell phone only *677

Road Watch
Our forms for reporting dangerous and aggressive drivers are now attached to our website.If you prefer a paper form or do not have a computer, our forms are available at Mono Plaza and OPP at Primrose. Please use them, the life you may save could be your own or a loved one. Or use the cell number to call direct - *677.

Don Butt is currently the Public Relations and Media Contact for the Mono Community Policing Committee. If you would like more information on anything covered in Don’s Column or would like to see a topic of public interest or safety covered; post a comment below.