Tuesday, December 10, 2013

OPP remind residents to be wary on door to door salespersons

(Mono, ON) On November 27, 2013 a female Mono resident reported to police that she felt she may have been victim of an attempted fraud scam.

The resident found a Scratch Ticket in her mailbox. She scratched the number and called a phone number on the ticket to receive a free water treatment inspection and a prize.

Approximately 20 minutes later two males attended her residence. Upon arrival they presented the complainant with a piece of paper for a three day two night stay at a hotel with ninety destination choices in Canada or the United States of America.

The suspect was described as an African Canadian male, 40 years of age, wearing a black leather jacket and well groomed. The second male suspect who took notes entire time was Caucasian male sloppy dressed.

The suspects claimed to represent Eco Water Systems of Mississauga which does exist but not in Mississauga as the suspects claimed. They attempted to sign up complainant for a 10 year contract at $38 per month. When complainant refused to sign a contract both males left. Both suspects refuse to provide photo identification or business cards confirming they were working for Eco Water Systems. Complainant advised that they had a large piece of water testing equipment and were in the kitchen and basement area of the residence. Further investigation revealed that employees worked for Eagle Industries of Mississauga.

Police are warning residents to:
  • To be vigilant and don’t be pressured into signing contracts on your doorstep.
  • Be cautious letting strangers into your residence who may want to inventory your residence looking for valuables for a future break and entry when you are not home.
  • Ask for photo identification and business cards.
  • Don’t let anyone in your house that you are not comfortable with and keep door locked and speak to them from behind locked door.
  • Research and get references on any company you are dealing with and check with other customers.
  • Check with the better business bureau
  • Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501
  • Recognize It Report it and Stop the Fraud.