Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Not Wearing Seat Belt a Causal Factor in Three Road Deaths

(Primrose, ON) The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has wrapped up its Fall seat belt campaign and has tallied up its statistics for the annual campaign which ran from September 26 to October 13, 2013.
Sadly, lack of seat belt use was a factor in three people losing their lives in road crashes in OPP jurisdictions during this year’s campaign. According to the OPP, fatalities and injuries in which lack of seat belt use is a factor are among the most preventable of deaths on highways and roads.

The OPP also reported laying 4,229 seat belt charges throughout the province during the 18-day campaign. Officers who carried out seat belt checks and public education in support of the campaign were disappointed to see so many people still not wearing seat belts in light of how clear they have been about the role seat belts play in saving lives.

As part of their campaign, the OPP posted an important YouTube video about Jennifer Walker who, two days after receiving an OPP warning for not wearing her seat belt, was involved in a car crash that would have probably ended her life had she not heeded the officer’s warning and decided to make buckling up part of her driving routine. According to Jennifer, she was extremely thankful that the officer pulled her over that day and gave her a warning that she attributes to saving her life.

View video here: http://youtu.be/6oyH0UexsHc

The OPP is reminding the public that while the campaign is over, they enforce seat belt laws throughout the year in their ongoing efforts to raise awareness about seat belt use.