Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Road Safety is a Shared Responsibility

(Dufferin County, ON) - The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) within the Dufferin County has seen a number of fatalities in the past few days. That being said, the OPP feel that it is important to remind motorists that operating a motor vehicle in Ontario is a privilege that encompasses respect and adherence of the rules of the road as found within the Highway Traffic Act.

The OPP proudly supports various road safety initiatives that focus on local, provincial and the national level throughout the year and through the Provincial Traffic Safety Plan, as an organization we are committed to making our OPP patrolled roadways and highways the safest in the world.

Sadly, the recent deaths in Dufferin County involving 3 young people over the weekend and a cyclist who was struck and killed last evening should serve as a reminder to how precious life truly is.

Road safety is a shared responsibility and promoting safety on our roadways is a core function that the OPP carries out day and night each and every day of the year. Motorists without a doubt are aware that the OPP focus on aggressive drivers, distracted drivers, impaired operation and proper use of seatbelts. We are also committed to an ongoing education program that focuses on road safety.

In an attempt to reduce motor vehicle collisions and death on our roadways, the OPP within Dufferin County will continue to provide an increased level of enforcement that involves the strategic deployment of our Regional Traffic Units in areas where we have seen an increase in the loss of life through collisions. We will continue to utilize aerial enforcement in identified and known areas where excessive speed continues to plague our roadways. The OPP will also be reaching out to our community stakeholders and seek partnerships that are focused upon speed reduction, safe driving and the improvement of driver behaviour and attitude.