Thursday, October 4, 2012

Community Column by Don Butt (October 2012)

(Town of Mono, ON ) I was really wondering what the subject would be for this month, and my connection with the Police Services Board solved my problem. I assume that most Mono residents are familiar with Monora Park, just north of Orangeville or at least know where it is. Well, Monora has a trout stream, a dam and a pond almost an acre in size and many trees and walking trails all over.

It is a very pretty park that my family visit frequently. A group of local citizens volunteered to clean up along the main stream as there is a lot of junk left here. Items taken out of area include bed springs, chairs, broken table, broken furniture and other junk. Several areas looked like camp sites with remains of large campfires, some quite close to evergreen trees and brush, all of which are very flammable. It was obvious from smaller items found that these areas were being used for drug parties. OPP has been notified.

It is a crime that people do this to one of the prettiest parks around and just because entry is free doesn’t mean people can trash the park. It is to be hoped that this situation will be cleaned up and the residents of the town of Mono (who pay for this park in their taxes) can enjoy the beauty of the park again.

Fall is here and winter not so far off so let’s plan on getting our vehicles winter serviced soon. The first step in safe driving is a safe vehicle !

Safety Tip
Keep clear of other drivers’ hit zones. Pass through as efficiently as possible. (this tip comes to you from Doug Annett and the Skid Control School at Oakville, Ont. ).

Road Watch
For those who do not have access to a computer, our forms are still available at Mono Plaza and OPP at Primrose. Otherwise use our web site on the Internet.

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