Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bicycle Safety is for Everyone - Protecting Your Head is Great Place to Start

(Dufferin County, ON)- The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) wish to remind cyclists of all ages that safety should be a priority at all times.

The Highway Traffic Act of Ontario clearly states that cyclists under the age of 18 must wear a properly fitted and approved bicycle helmet while riding on the roadway. A properly fitted approved bicycle helmet will significantly improve your chances of surviving a collision by protecting your head.

Cyclists over the age of 18, although not required by law, should also value their safety and are encouraged to protect themselves from any potential head injury by also considering the use and wearing a bicycle helmet.

The fine for not wearing a bicycle helmet is $80 and when that is compared to the average cost of purchasing an approved bicycle helmet, it is minimal in comparison.

When it comes to bicycle safety, Inspector Dominic Beckett, Manager of the OPP Central Region Traffic and Marine says “everyone who rides a bicycle is encouraged to wear a helmet at all times. When safety equipment is available and utilized properly, statistics have shown that incidents that could result in injury are significantly reduced. Head injuries are often irreversible and preventing serious injury or death is a priority of the OPP. “

Contact: PC Paul Nancekivell
Phone: (519)-925-3838