Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sgt. Gregory D. Brodhagen, PC Mario Iusi and PC Christopher E. Jackson to be Recognized at Central Region Awards Ceremony

Primrose, ON (OPP - Dufferin Detachment) On Thursday June 7, 2012, commencing at 1:00PM sharp, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Central Region Awards Ceremony will take place at the Nottawasaga Inn Resort and Conference Centre. The ceremony, which is scheduled to run until approximately 3:15PM, will recognize dedicated years of service within the OPP, the Ontario Public Service (OPS) and recognize police and citizen acts of bravery, lifesaving, community service, exemplary performance of duty, investigations, selfless actions and assistance to the OPP.

OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis will be on hand to present the awards to the many worthy recipients and he will be assisted by Chief Superintendent Brad Blair, Regional Commander, Central Region.

The Nottawasaga Inn Resort and Conference Centre is located at 6015 Highway 89, Alliston, Ontario.

Members of the OPP receiving Service Awards are listed below. Please note that some members may have changed work locations since these awards were granted.

Contact: Sergeant Peter Leon
Central Region Media Relations Officer

Phone: (705) 329-7414

Police Exemplary Service Medal (20 years)

PC Valerie Ann Burns #8202 Southern Georgian Bay
PC Lisa S. Ansell #9074 Southern Georgian Bay
PC Gordon B. Baverstock #7884 Crime Prevention & Investigation

PC Christopher E. Jackson #13343 Dufferin

PC Gordon J. Klingspohn #9592 Peterborough County
PC David Manson #12674 Collingwood
PC Patrick W. Marchand #9794 Southern Georgian Bay
PC Karen B. Schwarze #7856 Northumberland
Sgt. Todd W. Selvage #9596 Bracebridge
PC Kris W.S. Size #9037 City of Kawartha Lakes
PC Anne L. Stringer #7785 Barrie

Police Exemplary Service Medal 1st Bar (30 years)

Insp. Douglas R. Borton #6068 Northumberland
Insp. Dirk R.A. Cockburn #6040 Nottawasaga
PC Christopher C.G. Dewsbury #6005 Northumberland
Sgt. Laurence H. Faulkner #6718 Barrie
PC Elizabeth A. Gravelle #6095 Caledon
PC (Retired) Valerie E. Jarvis #6107 Haliburton Highlands
PC Steven M. MacDonald #5974 Huronia West
PC (Retired) Benjamin J. Manuge #6076 Community & Contract Policing
PC (Retired) Barry T. McKeown #11290 Nottawasaga
DC Geoffrey M. Ouellette #7748 Bracebridge
PC Kenneth B. Peer #9718 Peterborough County
DC Michael K. Polson #9501 Huronia West
S/Sgt. Michael J. Reynolds #9495 City of Kawartha Lakes
PC Ivan R. Rye #6085 Huronia West
PC (Retired) Susan L. Storry #6030 Northumberland
DC Gary E. Titley #6032 Regional Support Team

Civilian Service (20 years)

Ms. Doris K. Dann Huntsville
Ms. Jacklyn K. Patterson Barrie
Mr. John D. Stevenson Orillia

Quarter Century Club (25 years)

PC Peter H. Ackerman Haliburton Highlands
PC David E. Allen Bracebridge
PC Thomas W. Baillie Nottawasaga
PC Steven D. Barcham Central Region Traffic Management & RIDE
C/Supt. Bradley W. Blair Central Region Headquarters

Sgt. Gregory D. Brodhagen Dufferin

PC Marsha A. Corbett City of Kawartha Lakes
PC Patrick H. Coulis Barrie
PC James P. Crowder Peterborough County
PC Eric D. Dawson Regional Support Team
PC Dale A. Dixon Orillia
PC James A.L. Evans Peterborough County
PC Susan M. Fagan Southern Georgian Bay
PC Donald Faller Huronia West
DC Mark Groenke City of Kawartha Lakes
PC Kyle D. Hewson Huronia West
D/Sgt. Victor L. Horzempa Crime Prevention & Investigation

PC Mario Iusi Dufferin

PC Gary R. Keruzore Northumberland
PC Peter J. Kingston City of Kawartha Lakes
PC Mark G.F. Kinney Huronia West
Ms. Darlene M. Lesperance Southern Georgian Bay
PC Christopher A. Lewis Nottawasaga
PC David McNab Peterborough County
PC Jonathan M. Meares Central Region SAVE
S/Sgt. Timothy E. Melanson Nottawasaga
Sgt. Robin M. Moore Orillia
Sgt. Jose F. Morgado Caledon
PC Andrew W. Muller Huntsville
PC Bradley J. Pearsall Central Region Traffic Management & RIDE
Ms. K. Louise Pendleton Dufferin
Ms. Sandra E. Robertson Caledon
Ms. Mary Saunders Collingwood
PC John P. Schuett Northumberland
Sgt. Gerald A.G. Smith Peterborough County
Ms. Judy L. Stratton RMS – Orillia
PC David W. Strickler Huntsville
PC James L. Thistlethwaite Northumberla
DC Edward D. Thomson Collingwood
Supt. John E. Tod Central Region Headquarters
Mr. Glen L. Warburton City of Kawartha Lakes
Sgt. Mark A. Wolfe City of Kawartha Lakes
DC Steven D. Yellenik Huronia West

Quarter Century Club (35 years & 45 years)

Ms. Kathleen C. Chapman Peterborough County
PC Bruce G. Kane #11145 City of Kawartha Lakes
PC Adrian P. Kooger #3309 Orillia
Sgt. John Krug #11422 Caledon
PC Kenneth B. Pengelly #10930 Peterborough County