Monday, June 11, 2012

Guide to Establishing Effective Neighborhood Watch Programs

(PRWEBHomeSecurityGuru.comhas recently published a Neighborhood Watch Program Guide aimed at explaining what these programs actually do and how to ensure that they are safe and effective at protecting both the residents and general public.
For years Neighborhood Watch Programs have helped to lower crime rates all over the country. However, as the recent events in Sanford, FL proved, if not run and monitored properly the effects can be very negative. The HomeSecurityGuru.comNeighborhood Watch Program Guide outlines what these programs are and how to manage them.

The guide was written by Michael E. Bregman, a city planner residing in Israel. He was formerly employed as Senior Planner by the Miami-Dade County Department of Planning and Zoning and is also the former chairperson of the American Planning Association Gold Coast Section.
Key Ways to Ensure a Neighborhood Watch Program is Effective
Below are some key points to the creating an effective Neighborhood Watch Program:
  •     Work directly with police and sheriffs’ departments.
  •     Receive official sanction from police departments.
  •     All members should receive formal training.
  •     Report criminal activity to the authorities – Watch members should NOT try to apprehend a possible criminal on your own.
  •     Watch participants should travel in pairs or small groups using private automobiles or walking.
  •     Meet regularly. Meetings help participants stay connected to each other and they also help members better manage the program.
Neighborhood Watch Programs should serve as an extra set of eyes for the authorities, not a replacement.
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