Dufferin County O.P.P. Detachment
Town of Mono O.P.P. Team Members

Staff Sergeant
Steven Sills
Derek Zayachkowski
Community Service Officer
P.C. Paul Nancekivell
P.C. Scott Doney P.C. Al Buck P.C. Jen Reid
P.C. Tara Clark P.C. Alan Leblanc P.C. Glenn Russell
P.C. Angelo Causi

Town of Mono O.P.P. Community Policing Committee

Chairman James Doan
Members Phil Albin
Don Butt

Ann Butler
The Mono Community Policing Committee has received an Award of Excellence in crime control from the Ontario Crime Control Commission.

This award recognizes the initiatives of this volunteer group in their efforts to reduce crime in the Town of Mono. The Mono Community Policing Committee has been contributing to the safety of the community through it's volunteer members for over twenty-five years.